Don’t leave the Order of the Red Erisim out yet!

Another day, another group steps forward. This group is the Order of the Red Erisim. Led by a Bori witch, the goal of this group is to just take control of the obelisk to keep things under control because they know how to handle it.

To see the trailer, head to the outskirts or watch the video on YouTube here. Below is a screencap collection as well as the video script:


"Oh, please. So I mean to make a few changes in the Order. Those old pointy hats elected me, didn’t they? Now we’re going to do things a little differently. Neopia is full of dangerous magic…but magic is power. And power must be controlled by those who understand it. Not left lying around from anyone to stumble upon. When the light appeared, I knew what it meant. It meant power was loose in Neopia. Oh, the others like to argue with me. But they came around soon enough. Many will try to claim the obelisk. But only we have the magic necessary…to control it."

How many groups are left to come forward? When will the decision to pick a side start?

Who will you choose?

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